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General information

You are always welcome at «Beeline»!

With «Beeline» you can stay in touch with your loved ones and business partners while travelling across Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Armenia.

Click the map to view the coverage.

How to Choose «Beeline»?

You can easily choose «Beeline» network, when you get to Russia. Please use the manual network search function your phone menu.

Select «Beeline» from the list of available networks. Depending on the handset, «Beeline» network can also appear on your phone"s display as Beeline, Rus-99 or 250–99.

Dialing rules in Russia

If you would like to call a number abroad please dial "+" or 8 10, followed by the country code, city code/network code, phone number.

Information about country codes:

Сountry codes (PDF, 112 Kb)

If you would like to call a number in Russia please dial "+" 7, followed by the city code/network code, phone number.

Information about city codes:

Сity codes (PDF, 76 Kb)

Most of our guests easily access Voicemail and Customer Care services simply by dialing the corresponding short numbers just like you do in your home network.

Emergency Services

112 – Universal emergency service. In English and Russian. Free call.

001 – Fire Department. Free call.

002 — Police. Free call.

003First-aid. Free call.

0511 – English speaking Customer Service «Beeline» for visitors. You will get qualified service in English at any time day or night. Charges apply.*

0633 – Information service (any information 24 hours a day). Hotels, restaurants, taxi, tickets … In Russian, English, German, French and Spanish. Charges apply.*

*For roaming fees please contact your home network customer service.